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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy provides a non-overwhelming way of exploring and working with difficult issues. It grew out of a blending of the Hakomi Method and Somatic Therapy, both of which focus strongly on the body. Based on principles of mindfulness and mind/body/spirit holism, it is enhanced by research in trauma, neuroscience and attachment theory.

Gentle Guidance

This is a gentle therapy which teaches clients to follow a natural process that promotes healing. By guiding people to increase their awareness of bodily sensations we can begin to cultivate an ability to work with the body on the level of the neuromuscular system. This is often the place where traumatic memories reside.

Listening to Sensation can Heal Anxiety

Sensation is the language of the nervous system. By focusing our awareness on the feelings in our bodies we can “listen” to this language, and as a result, begin a dialogue that helps us to heal. This aware listening can help to manage anxiety and numbing so we are able to safely experience emotions, thoughts, and body-based experiences related to trauma in a mindful, contained manner.

“Only one therapy I know of reaches as deeply into the body as it does into the mind, and by reaching for both, touches the soul.”

— Ron Kurtz, Founder of the Hakomi Method, on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy