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Couples Therapy

Often the most enriching and important aspect of our life is our intimate relationships. Intimate relationships can bring us a profound sense of happiness.

Creative Approaches to Conflict

However, we can (and often do) experience our most challenging feelings and behavior in negotiating the inevitable conflict of needs with our partners. Struggling couples try to deal with these conflicts by either avoiding the issues or by engaging in escalating arguments trying to get the other partner to agree. Both attempts usually lead to pain and despair as we find ourselves stuck in negative, repetitive patterns. The challenge for couples can be how to resolve these conflicts while nurturing a supportive, growing relationship without compromising deeply held beliefs and values.

A Safe Place for Growth and Conflict Resolution

I provide a safe place to learn communication and conflict resolution skills while deepening each partner’s understanding of themselves and each other in order to promote personal growth as well as the evolution of the relationship.

How to Get the Most from your Couples Therapy (article)