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for the Body and Mind

Ann Clarkson MFT

I am trained in multiple therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and Sensorimotor (body-oriented) psychotherapy. I work with individuals and couples specializing in these approaches.

Somatic Approach

During the years I have found all of these approaches helpful in understanding and addressing the numerous difficulties we experience in life. The recent work in the field of trauma and somatic psychotherapy presents particularly helpful and effective approaches to treatment.

More than a talking cure

We have learned well to guard, protect and defend ourselves from emotional and physical pain. To work respectfully with this natural protection we often need more than a talking cure. Research has shown the powerful link between the mind and body. Many traumatic memories are stored in our bodies and not readily accessible with talk therapies. Therefore by working with all the aspects of our experience (cognitive, emotional, behavioral and bodily sensation) we can begin to heal the traumas from the past that can be at the root of the anxieties, depression and relational difficulties we face today.

I am certified as an EMDR and Sensorimotor psychotherapist.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Couples Therapy